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Commercial Window Cleaning Gloucestershire

Window cleaning is a simple service in itself.  We feel it is the way the service is provided that makes a difference.

This is how we do it:

  • We undertake a site survey or over the phone, quote and negotiate a package to suit
  • We agree a start date and will email you before each visit to confirm
  • Our operative will arrive in uniform
  • Work undertaken as agreed
  • We provide a visit report and ask all clients to complete a customer survey

The key to success – we always have a signed delivery of service sheet which you sign off during each visit

Work we Undertake

Simple, if you have glass, plastic or cladding we can help. If you want commercial window cleaning Gloucester or Industrial window cleaning Cheltenham, see our building types below:


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Local Authority
  • NHS Authority
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Builders Cleans
  • Property Letting Agents
  • Private homes

Water fed pole system

This is a sequence of poles and brushes using a pure water system to clean windows in the safest way possible. It often makes hard to reach windows less of a risk. This keeps our feet safely on the ground.



Some buildings, due to their structure or age, need a combination of the good old bucket and rubber blade system. We will make suggestions to you when we undertake our site survey.



This is a highly skilled process and all of our operatives have the relevant H&S certification and additional insurance.



Keep on top of your building cladding and fascias. A regular cleaning regime will extend the life and appearance of these products.


Large Buildings

Most of this type of work is undertaken using a water fed pole, however if needed we can supply access equipment when a hand finish is needed.

We have serviced many large building projects such as the The Quays Project, Bovis Lend Lease and Caledonian Building system. Our operatives have the relevant CSCS cards and have clearance to most MOD sites in our area.


Environmentally friendly solutions

We have worked closely with clients to ensure when requested that we work in a way that is mindful of the environment.

One of our large clients has a four story building and we clean each individual window pain from inside, this way we do not need to use excess water. Any chemicals we use carry the Eco flower and many are Defra rated.

Have a room with a view

If you’re running a business, chances are you’re so busy that keeping your windows clean is pretty much near the bottom of your list of priorities. However, along with regular cleaning and maintenance of the inside of your property, keeping up appearances outside is equally as important. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a professional company to carry out your window cleaning and whether you are based in Gloucester, Cheltenham or the surrounding area our window cleaning services will help with your company’s needs:

1. Regular cleaning of windows will prolong their lifespan.

Commercial Window Cleaning GloucesterYou might not realise but over time, environmental debris and dust builds up on the surface of the glass which can cause damage, a loss of transparency and ultimately make the glass more fragile. Scratching and etching become more likely with an accumulation of grime, both of which are bad for the durability of glass.

Permanent staining and cracks can appear in windows near the ocean. Due to the build-up of salty deposits, glass must be regularly cleaned.

The frames are more likely to suffer from weathering if they are not regularly maintained and kept clean of grubby build-up. Atmospheric processes like oxidation, acid rain and hard water can all damage windows over time.

2. See Clearly

Of course, shiny clean windows mean better visibility. More natural light will enter the building which will benefit staff as natural light has many positive health and mental effects. Having better light naturally will also lessen your reliance on overhead lighting and lamps, potentially reducing your energy bill. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with great views, why keep them unnecessarily hidden from view?

3. Good Impressions

You wouldn’t want your customers, clients or visitors walking up to a building with filthy windows, would you? What might that say about your company and reputation? The first impression is likely to be that you don’t care, you’re lazy, you can’t afford it or you’re not coping with responsibility.

This is most certainly not what you want your customers to think. Sparkling clean windows offer a sense of confidence, welcoming, promise and reassurance to your customers that such things are important to you as a business.

4. Efficiency

Degradation of poorly maintained windows can also lead to heat loss, ultimately bumping up your energy costs. The accumulation of dirt particles on glass exposes more UV light, which prevents the glass from being heated by the sun.

Any damage to the glass, cracks or scratches will also be weakening the glass, making it less effective at keeping out the cold due to air leaks.

Now you have seen several reasons for regular window cleaning, you should consider the benefits of hiring a professional commercial window cleaning company in Gloucestershire to deal with this chore on your behalf. Professional window cleaning services will offer specially trained staff who have access to the most effective and correct equipment for the job. If you’re thinking you can do it yourself, remember that professionals will be insured, health and safety trained and provide a much more thorough clean to maintain and protect the lifespan of your glass windows.

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