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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We have a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions for all commercial environments


  • Dry carpet cleaning dry in 3 hours
  • Stain removal – We can clean your carpets during the working day or at weekends
  • Contracted carpet cleaning
  • We can arrange for your carpets to be clean on an annual basis to ensure you always have that clean feel in all areas of the premises.

Don’t forget the flooring

In a busy office or industrial environment, it’s easy to overlook the things we take for granted such as the flooring beneath our feet. However, did you know that many microorganisms can lurk in and under the carpet fibres that people then walk through into other areas of the building? If you think that such tiny, invisible pests can do no harm then you’d better think again. They can disperse into the air, stick to clothing and travel through air vents exacerbating allergies and respiratory infections. It’s important not to overlook what dirt, grime and grease is lurking in your carpets.

Often a carpet won’t be considered until a spill occurs, leaving a clean patch after scrubbing that no longer matches the colour of the rest of the carpet! Work places and industrial sites don’t experience the luxury of people removing their shoes as they would at home, so all manner of dirt and dust is being trampled through daily. Accumulation of this dirt will eventually break down the carpet fibres, resulting in new carpet being needed much sooner.

Here are some other unpleasant things that like to hang around in carpet fibres:

Dust Mites

You would not believe the amount of skin cells that humans shed in just one day! And it’s these skin flakes that serve as a veritable feast for dust mites. Mites will feed off both animal and human skin flakes which will build-up significantly in carpet over time if left uncleaned. This is why a professional clean using a hot water extraction method is highly recommended. Industrial carpet cleaning Gloucester and Cheltenham commercial carpet cleaning are available from Intocleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Gloucester

Mould and Fungus

Mould and fungus microbes will both thrive in warm, moist areas. They can also be airborne and will attach themselves to non-living objects such as clothing, work surfaces and carpets. If a carpet is regularly walked on by wet shoes, mould and fungus will thrive here, spread and multiply. Once released into the air, they can cause allergies, respiratory problems and even illness. Even if you can’t see it, regular cleaning and maintenance will give you peace of mind that you’re fighting back.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham

E. Coli

This is a microbe that exists naturally in the human gut but can soon become a nasty problem when it starts to infiltrate other areas of the body. It plays a large part in cases of food poisoning and is very easily spread. It can be spread through touching door handles in buildings, vehicles and shared equipment. It can also lurk in carpets.

Cold and Flu Viruses

These common viruses and bacteria can actually survive for hours and sometimes days on surfaces including rugs and carpets that aren’t subjected to the regular cleaning of work surfaces, for example. While we don’t tend to touch this flooring, we can transfer the germs when we remove our shoes. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so for peace of mind, arrange regular professional cleaning of your workplace carpeted areas.

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