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Commercial Cleaning Services


We offer expert cleaning service.

If you have a commercial building of any type we can clean it for you:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Public space
  • Public houses and restaurants
  • Leisure Factories and commercial
  • Public conveniences
  • NHS doctors and dentists
  • Clinics and surgeries
  • Internal and external commercial spaces

In short if it’s commercial or business space we will have a solution.

Contract Office Cleaning Gloucester & Cheltenham


Choosing to invest in a commercial cleaning service gives you the client a professional team with years of experience to manage the cleaning standards in your business Daily, weekly or one off cleaning will assist you to do what you’re best at and passing to us the stress of cleaning and related services to us.

We are all good at something our specialty is cleaning so leave it to us “We are the experts”

The Many Benefits of a Clean Office

Let’s face it – as adults we spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. For those of us who work in an office environment, a tidy and clean work area is the key to better productivity. Studies have shown that people are better able to perform their tasks when their space is hygienic, neat and organised. That’s not the only reason why it pays to have a clean office. Here are some important reasons why you need an office cleaner:

1. Good cleaning is good housekeeping

Office Cleaning GloucesterWhen office areas are kept regularly clean, it leads to other good housekeeping practices too.

Hazards are cleared away, such as piles of paper or cardboard for recycling. It encourages everyone to get more organised on their desks and storage areas.

By keeping kitchen areas clean the risk of pests and vermin is greatly reduced.

Working in an improved environment will help to instil a sense of pride and responsibility, building staff morale.


2. Reputation

If you regularly welcome clients or customers into your business, then first impressions really do count. If they see a messy, cluttered and grubby space it will reflect poorly on your professionalism. You want your employees to feel proud of where they work and not embarrassed by it. Organised and clean spaces promote an image of confidence, control and care to your clients. You’re also far more likely to attract new employees and retain existing ones if they feel valued and cared for by a clean and hygienic workplace.

3. Health and Safety

Working in less than satisfactory conditions can be a health hazard to staff. Dust build-up can lead to respiratory problems, dirty desks and keyboards exacerbate the spread of germs and viruses, while grubby kitchens and toilets can spread infections. A professional service for office cleaning Gloucester and office cleaning Cheltenham, combined with encouraging staff to keep areas clean will ensure that any health risks are greatly reduced. Offices can be hotbeds of bacterial growth, so if you want to reduce the number of sick days – take cleaning seriously.

4. Productivity

Office Cleaning CheltenhamClutter is not conducive to clear thinking and completing focused work. It’s distracting and time-consuming when you can’t locate items quickly.

A neat and tidy work area promotes greater professionalism, allowing people to perform their jobs better and thus raising productivity levels. Being surrounded by a clean space leads to increased happiness and relaxation too.

When forced to work in an untidy or unhygienic space, employee morale and satisfaction drops. As well as becoming a possible health hazard, staff will feel unvalued and uncared for.


5. Protect Equipment

Regular housekeeping and cleaning will also benefit your infrastructure and equipment. IT equipment could be damaged by food and drinks left on cluttered desks or by a build-up of dust residue over time. Untidy wiring or cables could be tripped over or kicked, resulting in down time for services or hardware. Any downtime is detrimental to the productivity and profit of a business. Keep all your furniture, equipment and buildings in better protected condition with a regular cleaning schedule provided by a professional cleaning company.

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